On my way home, I swallowed a cloud

by Secret Acorns

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(On My Way Home, I Swallowed a Cloud...was recorded as a solo project by Christopher, before Maria, while living in Athens,GA) Recorded by Andy LeMaster with special guest contributions from Julian Koster and Robbie Cucchiaro of The Music Tapes.


released August 4, 2015

Secret Acorns : Christopher Ingram (lyrics, guitar, vocals)

with contributions by:

Andy LeMaster (multiple instruments, all background vocals)
Robbie Cucchiaro (windy instruments)
Julian Koster (Bulgarian flute, slide guitar)



all rights reserved


Secret Acorns Maine

We are a Maine folk fuzz duo consisting of Christopher & Maria. Mini-double album "Lennon/Lyra" to be released soon. Any purchase of our music goes towards helping us do such things. Thank you for listening!

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Track Name: Nigh
Don't leave me now
Sparrow sing
Lift me out of my body
Of this hollow

Far from my eyes
I can't hear you talk
I can't hear you at all

All sailors
To the sea
Sinking ship
Light of God
Track Name: Ticking Clock
brother mountain/ticking clock

I took your name
We must go back down
We must go back now
We must go back down

brother mountain/ticking clock
Track Name: Kaiasu
If I took your name
would the fire be done?
or would it burn the same
as when it had begun?
Send me your arms
I've got no restraint
The useless in time
will assume their fate

If I believe it's a sinister math
harrowed and steeped
cut the slithering path

What if I'm wrong
and the end is nigh
what if these wings fall
away from the sky

Hey man, it's nothing
just cut off the cord
the diver is down
cause it pleases the lord

under the water
there sings my soul
I see it all now
the useless unfold
Track Name: The Great Film
Bury me on a rolling mountain
bury me in the morning sun
May these words be forgotten
Let these words never be sung
All we are is a redwood calling
All we are is a broken wing
I must find my wayward brother
nothing else means anything

I'll be on the ocean turning
where bodies float into the sun
All in all is where we're going
All in all with what we've done
Track Name: Red Sky Fall
let the red sky fall
on your weary head
I'm not coming home
gonna die right where I stand

It's not like we were ever one
thought the fire, it was intense
Now this house is burning down
You're gonna need a brand new dress

With all the flowers in your mouth
your pretty words, don't make much sense
so I'll assume you're only laying blame
cause souls like yours, just don't confess

Will it come all like you want it?
Don't say it's only what you see
For time is not the one to falter
It's just as blind as you and me

Maybe in the next life curtain call
I will find you dancing fair
But the sun she has no empathy
for a harlot in despair